5 Tropes I Enjoy Using in Romantic Fiction

The enemies to lovers, the comic relief and the unsuspecting hero—we are no stranger to these plot elements, character classifications and exhausted themes peppered throughout works of fiction. They’re taken and rehashed only to be told from an author’s imagination, thinking it can play off last season’s argyle sweater with a cashmere scarf. Books are filled with tropes and we devour it anyway. But was it refreshing? Did your stomach churn like butter? Did you weep like an underpaid Applebee’s waitress saddled with student loan debt? How about your nails? Did you chew them off after that hair-raising scare? I…

Viola Day’s Debut Novel–Cover Design and Title Reveal!

Apart from the gorgeous work I saw, from collaborating with so many artists, this one stole my heart immediately. There were four others I couldn’t overlook. However, this one really dug in and homed in on my novel so accurately. The tone’s there. It’s unsettling, yet lovely and spellbinding all at the same time.   Please follow and like us:

No, that’s okay — we’ve got a lovely view from back here

“I want to remember you this way,” I said to him, our eyes locking in ways they hadn’t. “I want to remember us this way. Maybe…maybe it can’t get any better than this. Maybe, some things are best adored, even appreciated, from a distance.” Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe. The other side fuels our imagination. California’s great. Although a double-edged sword, she’s got it going on, really, but you hated how it felt when you had her. Now that the leaves are falling off from its branches on this side of the country, you miss the mouthwatering Mexcian food, the Pacific…

The Kindergarten Teacher on Netflix is the film writers should watch next

I had no expectations upon watching the movie, The Kindergarten Teacher. Let me preface this by saying how could any writer – novelist, poet or artist – not value the message demonstrated here? I won’t give too much about the movie, but I advise any creator of words or pictures to see this independent drama.   Gyllenhaal plays the kindergarten teacher, named Lisa Spinelli, who we immediately understand is isolated and worlds away from a seemingly satisfying life she leads. She is then engrossed in one of her students, a precocious boy whose poetic talent is way beyond his years….