About Viola

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Hey, I am Viola Day. I also write under the byline Rina Pritchard. I am a Southern California native living in Tennessee. Right now, I’ve set some creative endeavors aside to spend more time with my son and focus on Boss Over Shoulder, a full-time hustle established in 2017. I’m a part-time yoga teacher, using my love for words and combining them with breath, movement and meditation to allow individuals to find alignment in their body and being. While dreams of becoming an impressive tap dancer and a short-story writer often reappear amid the horizon, I’m still fine-tuning the craft of writing. I’m harnessing the passion I have for the written word, the language and the exchange of communication.

Although I’ve left my world to join my son’s, please feel free to drop by and share some of your wisdom or deferred dreams.

– Viola