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Twenty-five-year-old Madison leads an ordinary life; she’s committed to her high school sweetheart and a job she can’t decide whether she loves or hates. After wrapping up an unpaid overtime shift at the office, she begins scrutinizing her life, feeling unfulfilled. Riddled with uncertainty, she continues to float on the waves of adulthood but soon falls for Kaplan—her eccentric co-worker with a dark past who is unable to return the same affection.

Their friendship, founded on deep conversations and suppressed romantic feelings, impels Madison to know more about her newfound companion, as well as herself and her purpose in life.

In her pursuit of the punchline to life, losing those closest to her and her moral compass, Madison learns that she and Kaplan share more in common than they were prepared for. It is then they reach a crossroad, aching to know how to reconcile an inescapable truth and their hearts that beat wildly for one another. Finn’s Girl, Ruby examines love and its ugly parts and begs the question—How do you love someone, let alone yourself, with the understanding that life holds no obligation to make complete sense to you?